Why you should come out for Mob of Waldos

  1. Re-use the red-and-white-striped pirate shirt from your Halloween costume
  2. Re-use the red-and-white-striped gondolier shirt from your Halloween costume
  3. Re-use your Waldo or Wenda Halloween costume
  4. Meet other Waldo fans
  5. Reminisce about and relive your childhood
  6. Celebrate one of the most awesome series of children’s books ever written
  7. It’ll be jolly good fun!
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Knit your own Waldo costume

Here are a couple of links for those who are interested in knitting your own Waldo costume:

  1. Kim Salazar’s Waldo hat knitting pattern at wiseNeedle.
  2. Yarn Mom’s Waldo sweater knitting pattern.

If you don’t know how to knit or prefer not to knit your own Waldo ensemble, you can always buy a red and white striped shirt from one of the stores I’ve bookmarked.

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Welcome, Waldo Watchers!

Participate in the re-creation of the most difficult Waldo puzzle ever! Come out to the square across from the San Francisco Ferry Building on Saturday November 11th at noon in a red and white striped shirt and blue pants. This event will occur rain or shine. If it rains, we will congregate inside the Ferry Building.

Matt Boe

Matt Boe as Waldo by Oldenberg Photography, Owatonna, MN

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