How to dye a Waldo shirt

Austin from Espresso Ninja writes:

I was Waldo for halloween this year. I got a cheap white long sleeve shirt from WalMart for 10 bucks. Then I picked up some red fabric dye from a craft store (Rit brand dye #5 scarlet). I used masking tape to mask off white stripes on the shirt and then used a spray bottle filled with the dye mixture to “spray paint” the red stripes until I got an even dye job (it’s good to stick a piece of cardboard inside the shirt while you do this so the dye doesn’t mess up the other side). Once the shirt was dry, I peeled off the masking tape and got fantastic red/white stripes. I did the same with a white beanie and then safety pinned a pom-pom I made out of strips of cut felt.

Total cost: about $20. I probably could have pulled it off for cheaper if I already had the shirt and beanie. Those both cost $17.

5 / November / 2006  DIY