How to make your own duct tape Waldo shirt


Start with a red shirt and white duct tape. If you are applying the tape before you put on the shirt, you should use a loose-fitting shirt because the fabric will not stretch after the tape is applied. You may use a fitting shirt if you are going to put the shirt on before you apply the tape. When using the latter method, you will have to remove the tape before taking off your shirt.


You may also use a white shirt and red duct tape, or a shirt of any color and both red and white duct tape. In this example, I will be using a red shirt and white tape.


Starting just under the armpits, loosely apply tape around the torso and arms individually. Leave a space below that is the same width as the tape you have just applied and apply additional rows of tape until you reach the cuffs of the sleeves and the hem of the shirt.



For a professional look, ensure that the ends of the duct tape precisely over lap each other.


Continue applying tape to the upper torso. If using a turtleneck, you may want to stretch out the collar to the size of your head before applying the tape.

26 / October / 2006  DIY